October 24, 2013

#31days October Writing Challenge Day 21!

Hi again weedas, 

Guess what? I will get my helmet in about 4 weeks! The nice speshawists towld me i was a mild/moderate case of plagiocephaly. My ears are a wittle off and my wight eye doesn't open all the way cuz of fluid in my head. I go back in tree weeks to measure one last time and also get scanned, too. My mommy can hold me during the scan an it won't huwrt me. I even get to pik out my color. If i do not wear a helmet now, i might have a asymmetrical face later. No tank ew! I could also hav migwaines, bawance, and jaw issuws. Mommy and Daddy tod me they don't want me to worry so dey ar helpin me now. I wuv dem. Tanks for the lov, you weeders and insta followers, it made my worried mum happy.  

I'll wite again after my scan!



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