November 20, 2013

A very EMBARRASSING story!

MVP and I were recently story telling. 
You know, the stories that instantly bring back belly-aching laughter or in this case, hot ears, sweaty palms, and instant blushing cheeks. 

If I could insert an emoticon here it would be the big eyes with blushing cheeks right NOW. 

This is hands down ONE (I have several) most embarrassing moments of my life. 
Hopefully this is actually funny, because it could be a total bust, one of those "had to be there" stories. 
Wish me luck, and please laugh. 
har har har. 

Many moons ago I did a lot of babysitting. While I was in college, I babysat for one particular family, weekly. It was always on Wednesday so mom and dad could catch a break. Dad traveled a lot so mom enjoyed catching a breather and going to yoga (something I SO understand, now). However this particular evening the parents chose a date night and promised to be home by ten. 

No biggie, right?

The night was very normal. Give kids dinner, play, bath, and bedtime. I made sure the house was tidy.... oh my goodness I'm already blushing and I haven't even approached the punchline!

Now. This was many years ago when DVR just came out. I had no clue how it worked, or even what it was. I was watching something very PG like Boy Meets World reruns, or something like that; I was waiting for the parents to get home. 

At 9:59 a little pop up on the TV came on and it read, "In 59 seconds channel will change to Brazilian Adventure. TV cannot record more than two channels." 

I remember thinking, "oh cool, I love the travel channel and I do not want to mess up their recordings." 
Remember, I had no idea what DVR was. I didn't even know of the concept "record and watch later". 

At exactly 10:00pm the channel the TV told me it would. 
This was not the "Brazilian Adventure" I expected. 

I found myself in a Brazilian NIGHTMARE. 

You see, the EXACT time the TV changed channels, the garage door opened

Here I stood, remote in hand, face white, chalky lips, with a Brazilian Orgy (sounds in all) taking place right before my eyes, right when the parents opened the door. 

Seriously, I had never seen such a thing and I was FUMBLING over the remote. I looked guilty as all get-up, until I saw the dad with his tail between his legs. 

"I swear the TV JUST automatically changed the channel, I wasn't watching this. I swear! Oh my gosh!", I squeamishly panted.

 The mom and I fumbled over the TV remote trying to get the dang thing to either mute or turn off. We played hot potato with the remote for far too long witnessing the farthest thing from PG.

Then the kids began running downstairs to happily greet their parents.

Two parents. One babysitter. 
One mortified and angry wife. 
One sheepishly ashamed husband. 
And two scarred kiddos.

Those 30 seconds felt like 30 years. 

The mom grit her teeth together and quietly and slowly murmured to the dad, "What is this? Is THIS yours? Are you recording this?"

I wanted to run. Hide. Bury myself right then and there. 

The dad scurried upstairs with the kids and I received an extra tip. 

I can only imagine the pillow talk, or pillow throwing, between the mom and dad that horrifying night. 


I still remember calling my mom with a "you won't believe what just happened to me" moment. I seem to have A LOT of those moments. 


Okay bloggers, or readers, I want to hear YOUR most embarrassing story! 

Write a post on your most embarrassing story and tag me! 
I want to laugh!


  1. Katie, HAHAHA! This was tooooo funny for words! You are precious! I seriously cannot even attempt to top this story, but I wanted to tell you that is made me tear-up-laughing-out-loud! Thanks for off to write report card comments and try to stay focused!
    from Well, Michelle?

  2. So funny and mortifying all at once!! I bet the dad was the most embarrassed though �� lol lol