November 15, 2013

iiley's helmet adventure!

As most of you know, iiley is lucky enough to wear a helmet to correct her plagiocephaly.

I figured we'd document her flat head journey in hopes to help other parents that stumble across my blog. As parents ALL decisions are hard, including this one. 

To helmet or not to helmet? 

When the orthopedic specialists says, "She'll be fine either way, it's completely up to you", it makes our decision SO much harder. 

Wait. I'm a parent?
I'm still adjusting to the fact that I'm 100% responsible for someones life. 
God, you really think I can do this whole parent thing? This is A LOT of responsibility and I continually question my ability. I love it, every stinkin' minute of it; it's natural to question our parenting though, rrrrrrrright?

So here's the scoop because I know you are wondering, as I would, too. Plagiocephaly means one side of her head is flat. Most common cause, you ask? Because when she sleeps she favors one side more than the other, causing one side to flatten. Because there is no HARD evidence that flat head causes medical concerns, it is deemed cosmetic. (So BOGUS to me, but, whatever.) However, newer research has stated that it could cause migraines, TMJ, and balance problems. More fluid sits on one side of her head based on the positioning therefore one eye is slightly opening less and her ears are slightly off from each other. She's a mild to moderate case of flat head and should be corrected very rapidly. If not corrected she might have difficulty wearing sports helmets and glasses in addition to always having a flat spot.

Which is why insurance views this as cosmetic, rather than medical. Which is also why the orthopedic specialists nicely said, "It's up to you." 


Well, to us potential migraines, asymmetrical facial growth, and balance issues are enough to make it an easy decision. We can't decide later than we should have done it so we are diving right in! 

Ireland will be in her helmet by Thanksgiving! Today she was scanned...we've got an avatar on our hands ladies and gents!

She was happy the whole way surprise, right?

Oh! Quite a few friends and family have asked if this is considered a disability or if something more is wrong. Helmets look and seem quite medical, it's totally a fair question. I'm sure you're wondering the same question! No, this is not a disability and its not a condition that will affect (awww shucks: affect or effect?) her later in life. In some cases there are other issues and concerns but we are thankful and blessed that this is easily correctable. 

Questions? Please ask. 
Comments why you think we shouldn't helmet? Save them for yourself, please. 

Stay tuned for updates over these next few months. 

Little iiley, we love you! 
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. You're gonna ROCK this and you know what?
We're gonna hold your hand the WHOLE way. 
Thanks for teaching us bravery. 
Kisses my little plagiosaurus! 


  1. My oldest daughter had a flat spot that was much worse than little Ireland's.We were told to just let it go and now she is almost 29 and while she does have a migraine here and there they are related to hormones.She is your child and you have to do what you feel in your heart is best for her.Now you cant even tell that Ashleigh had a flat spot at all .God Bless you for loving her so very much to do this,I am sure it is harder on you then it is her.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Dana. And again, thanks for reading!

  2. What a doll!!!! I think this might be the cutest helmet fitting that ever existed!!

  3. Ahh she's so cute and happy throughout the whole thing! Just love her little face!... Cheers to shapely craniums!

  4. It amazes me what the insurance companies deem "cosmetic." :( She's a doll, and will rock that helmet! ;)

    1. Crazy right? We get the helmet on's LEOPARD!

  5. Oh my goodness, she's the cutest! As someone who has regular migraines and issues with jaw clenching/teeth grinding while I sleep, I think it's great that you took the potential for those conditions into consideration in making your decision. If something as simple as wearing a helmet for a defined period of time when I was younger could've prevented the 4-5 migraines I get each month, I definitely would've jumped at the chance to get one. Good for you for thinking more long-term, big-picture when making decisions for her. Sounds like she's a lucky little girl to have such awesome parents. :)

    PS - found you through Nicole's weekly wishes/giveaway post today!

    1. Stephanie, I'm so glad you found my blog. I wish you the warmest welcome! Thanks for commenting and for your kind words. We get the helmet on monday...fingers crosssed!

  6. New Reader.. Sorta.. I guess i'm just making myself known that i read your blog now :).. What a cute daughter you have!!! you are a great mom for thinking long term! plus the helmet is kinda cool just sayin :). i'm sure she will rock it well !

    1. Hi Samantha! I'm so glad that you read and decided to make it known, hehe. You're too funny. We get the helmet on Monday and you know I'll be posting pictures. I hope you stay awhile!!!!!