November 26, 2013

Ireland's Helmet Debut!!!

Tis the season...for CUTENESS!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls...put your hands together for iiley grace's helmet DEBUT!

{This cracks me up and breaks my heart all at the same time. She squints because the helmet is putting pressure above her right eye. When she looks up now, she's all squishy face!}

I love my sweet peanut so much. I'll be honest, when the specialist first put the helmet on, I broke. I couldn't even help the tears. I'm so happy we can correct her plagiocephaly, and I know we are so blessed with a healthy baby girl. BUT, it was, and is, difficult seeing your baby need ANY medical help. So far, she really isn't too bothered by it, thank goodness! Tomorrow is her first day in it full time, 23 hours a day. Hopefully she will only be wearing it full time for a month but at this time, we're not sure. 

We are praying for a smooth transition, little sleep disruption, and of course, a positive outcome. 

Ain't she a doll?! 

Questions? Please ask! 


  1. She is so precious! Great pics! And love the big pink flower!!


  2. She is soo adorable, with or without the helmet. I was so curious about it because obviously/ or maybe not so obviously, she wears it to bathe, or that's part of the one hour she doesn't wear it. im happy that its something that is fixable. she looks like such a doll, and happy baby. keeping her in my prayers!!!

  3. You both are such wonderful parents! I have showed her sweet pictures to a few people and everyone has applauded your courage and creativity! Such a great idea to add a little spunk to the helmet. She'll be out of it in no time!