November 15, 2013

Why I haven't blogged lately...

Blogging is one of my favorite things to do. 
I love it.
It takes a lot of time to blog and try to market myself. 
Sometimes, LIFE just gets in the way. 
And when it does, it's a nice break. 

Breath in, breath out. 

I think coming off the tail end of the #31day challenge, I was exhausted and blogged out for a bit. I didn't even complete the darn thing and I was still pooped. 

Perhaps it was that, but, I think the honest reason is because I was busy being the best mommy I knew how to a sick little baby. Ireland was sick with a gnarly cold for nearly 10 days. Fevers, barf, snot, cough, you name it. It struck the whole family with EXHAUSTION. Late nights, night wakings, and early mornings day after day was well...totally depleting. With lots of snuggles and cuddles little Ireland is doing MUCH better and we are slowly easing back into our routine. 

Gosh, I love her you guys! This love is so UNREAL and magical. A love so intense it's scary!

Meanwhile, I went on a girls trip! It was AMAZING to laugh my a** off 8 college girlfriends. Seriously, we had a wonderful time! 

Prepping for the trip was harder than I imagined. You see, Ireland came with me and Grandma and Opa watched her in San Diego while I was in San Clemente. I packed 95 ounces of boobie milk and carried a cooler through the airport. I don't even want to look at my pump right now! I'm thankful I had a great time and also thankful I'm done stressing over having enough milk stored up. Luckily, 95 ounces was WELL OVER what she needed and She was able to continue sippin' on momma's milk even when I was away. --Feeling blessed. 

What else? 
Work. So I mentioned that I'm working 2 days a week, right? It's easy peezy work but somehow those two days throw me off! How did I ever work full time, ha? Oh wait, full time mommy is FAR more difficult than full time teacher. Seriously. 
I'm thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my baby girl. I'm also thankful that I can work two days to help supplement the finances...hardly, ha. 

Rebel games. They've begun! MVP's favorite spending is on Rebel basketball season tickets. No surprise there, right? So here's to many fun and exciting LATE nights that throw off Ireland's schedule. Weeeeee. Go Rebels!

Lastly, BIG THANKS to my parents, my in-laws, my husband, and my friends for an incredible last few weeks of unending love and support. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE with out your help. You are so loved!

AND, thank you to you new and old readers for sticking with me on instagram and even on the blog (only to find no new posts!) Your support seriously keeps me going and makes it super exciting for me. Keep reading...I love you, ya filthy animal! 

I still have lots to talk about. New recipes, clean eating, holiday shopping and funny stories to make your belly hurt. Thee ya, thoooon! {insert lisp}



  1. You are so lucky to have some wonderful gal pals!
    Glad you got some time away, sometimes we just need it as mommies even if it kills us :)
    And of course, a blogging break is always okay!

    1. Hi Nicole!!!!! I took a look at your blog...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the comment, friend!

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