December 5, 2013

Christmas Pictures/ FREE PHOTO SHOOT GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sorry for the tease, this is just the trailer y'all!

I don't want to post our whole photo shoot because these pictures will be used for our Christmas cards. I can't ruin the joy of opening the Christmas card! 


Here's a little teaser for you!


I was just fartin' around and decided to bring you the sneak peek in card form.

Once again, Jasmyn, from Picalily Photography NAILED it. Together the grandkids gifted this photo shoot to MVP's parents as an early Christmas gift. We had a wonderful time taking the pictures and are excited about the fun memories we can cherish forever. Kids don't stay young, ya know? THANK YOU Jasmyn for your talent, you're simply the best!

Now readers. Take a deep breath because I have the BIGGEST, GREATEST, MOST EXCITING GIVEAWAY for you!

Jasmyn, the talent behind Picalily Photography is giving away a FREE photoshoot!
YES! You read right, a FREE SHOOT!

Enter the raffle below to be entered to win a 1 hour photo shoot with a disc of edited photos...FOR FREE. This can apply to an engagement, anniversary, birthday, newborn, holiday photos, or pretty much anything you want to celebrate. I would LOVE to win this myself, but of course, I can't!

The raffle will run for 1 week.
Confused on how to enter? Once you complete what the raffle says (ex. Follow Katie Gums on Pinterest) click that you have done it. If chosen it will be verified that you correctly entered.

PS: The full photo shoot reveal is around the corner!


  1. adorable pics!!! cant wait to see the whole shoot! would love to win the photoshoot for my whole family. we need a new family photo since my parents adopted my new brother and sister within the past year! happy holidays to the gums family!

  2. Love her photography! Have a little one on the way and would love a newborn shoot! :)
    Love the picture of you at the table.

  3. I like you Christmas photo and Christmas days so cool nice planning Christmas make easy in mobile app Christmas thanks

  4. how lovely! you should definitely upload these great designs/photos here:
    it is fun and you can send them as e-cards to all your beloved ones !
    enjoy & merry christmas!