December 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, MVP!

ahhh heck, I don't know where to start. 
How bout' with Happy Birthday!

You're TWENTY-SIX, you old man!

Sorry dude, ain't happening this year. 


Instead, I'm choosing to do what I do best, and write about YOU. 
Here's a random list of 26 things I absolutely LOVE about you.  

1. I love that you know where EVERYTHING is in the house. EVERYTHING. 
2. I love your moonwalks, they are seriously funny!
3. I love how well you took care of me while in labor. It makes me cry remembering that day.
4. I love that you place things on the lower shelves so I can reach. 
5. I love that your humble. 
6. I love that we get excited about Taco Tuesday at Del Taco. 
7. You're really good at math, you know that? I love that you add the tax and tip to exactly zero cents. 
8. I love that you push the shopping cart. 
9. I hate love your our budget. 
10. I love how you willingly support our family (AT 26!).
11. What are those muscles called on your abs? The v? Yep, love that. 
12. I love that you keep my secrets and tell me yours. 
13.  I love your eyes!
14. I love that you open the bills and let me open the fun cards, even when they are addressed to you. 
15. I love that you NEVER yell. 
16. I love that you like teaching me about sports. 
17. I love watching you become daddy. Seriously, so sexy. 
18. I love that you read every single blog of mine. 
19. I love that we share an obsession with travel and that you're willing to do 9 garage sales just to travel. 
20. I love that you get excited FOR ME when you spot a new gluten-free food. 
21. I love that you've accepted that I don't flush the toilet. 
22. I love how tall you are. 
23. I love watching you be a brother, son, grandson, son-in-law, cousin, and friend. You teach me well. 
24. I love how you are ALL BOY and simple, simple, simple.  
25. I love hearing you pray. 
26. I love the way you love me. MVP, each and every day is so exciting WITH YOU. You are probably the kindest person I know not just to me, but to everyone around you. From our first kiss to, getting married, to having a baby together, I wouldn't trade ANY of it for the world. It's hard to believe that you've chosen me to spoil, FOREVER! Your birthdays are more exciting to me than my own and  you deserve the WORLD and so much more. Thank you for being the sweetest husband, the greatest daddy, and the most supportive best friend. You are the love of my life today and everyday.
Let's let it go today! 
Happy Birthday, to YOU!!!
I love you. 

let it go = dance uncontrolled, free flowing
(something we've been doing in the kitchen for years!) 


iiley says HAPPY BIRFDAY, dada! 

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