December 10, 2013

Helmet update!

I'm sure some of you have been wondering why Ireland hasn't been wearing her helmet. 
(actually I know some of you are cuz you've been askin'!) 

This helmet journey was off to a good start...until Thanksgiving. 
She was wearing it full time minus an hour to bath and clean the helmet. We took it off and she immediately began clawing at her cheeks. She had a small rash that she just couldn't stop scratching. We sent pictures and talked to the specialist and she advised to remove the helmet until the rash was gone...

Saturday morning we put the helmet back on with no real concerns. Ireland seemed slightly annoyed and kept touching the helmet but we assumed she was just adjusting to this annoying THING strapped to her head. She had her helmet appointment to see how things were going. The specialist put ventilation holes in the helmet (thank goodness!) and flared the two pieces that rest on her cheeks to avoid rashing again. 

A day passed and iiley still seemed annoyed and well..itchy! When we removed the helmet to bath she started attacking her head, actually pulling CHUNKS of hair out! She was red in several different places and poor baby was so itchy. It broke my heart!

Long story short, she is allergic to the lining in the helmet. It's super rare! So she had to be rescanned, and a new helmet is being made. 

i yiyi! 

The good part is that she won't be itchy anymore. The bad part is that it is going to delay the process and we now know she has pretty sensitive skin.

So... hopefully this cures your curiosity! 
Also, don't ever be afraid to ask me questions!
The new helmet (same design) should be here this week and we will start from the beginning. 
Wish us luck!

I've been enjoying her helmet-free head because I can actually kiss her! And, put her in cute headbands again!


  1. first off.. your daughter is gorgeous! Question: How did they determine she needed the helmet? what were the signs? Just curious :)!. Have.A.Blessed.Day.


  2. Good Lord this child is beautiful. And her eyes are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!