December 16, 2013

iiley's monthly photo shoot >>> 6 months!!!

iiley grace, 

You're actually closer to 7 months now but we've been busy, haven't we? 
Happy 6 months, precious one! 
You are SUCH a big girl! Your tiny hands, big smile, and sparkly blue eyes melt me every single day. You're so funny! Do you know that I can't even shop at Costco because you smile at EVERY ONE and they all want to smile back? You're such a sweet and happy baby! 
Your Daddy gushes over you every time he comes home from work. You two have a special little bond that warms my heart. 
It's Christmas season, your first CHRISTMAS! I can't wait to teach you about Jesus and how we celebrate him this time of year. He loves you sooooo much! I also can't wait to teach you about our family traditions, Santa Claus, and how to leave milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. As your mother, these 6 months have gifted me a greater purpose in life, and YOU truly have made me a better person. You have this wonder that I love witnessing. I'm excited to share life with you! 

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!


sitting up!
passing from hand-to-hand

rattle toys
neck tickles
sleeping in car seat
Today Show
bath time

Redzone channel
itchy helmet
layered clothing
being tired

about 18 or 19 pounds
90th percentile for height and weight
wearing 9-12 months clothes
size 3 diapers
you're the cutest chunk I know!

You're my world, iiley grace!!! 

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