December 22, 2013

Jesus is the reason for the season!

How's your birthday planning going?

You know, the BIG PARTY for Jesus in a few days. 

If you're human (and like me) it takes effort to reflect on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I catch myself getting in a tizzy over the long Target lines and busy streets. EVERYONE is out preparing for THE BIG DAY! It's such an exciting time of year, don't you think? It's cheerful and chilly, jolly and joyful. 


It's about Jesus. 

Not just my savior, but yours, too. 

It's his birthday soon! 

I'm writing this as a reminder to me AND you to focus on our loving Lord. Let's not make it about the expensive gifts rather the act of giving, loving, laughing, and making memories that matter. Jesus came to this earth to save us, and through HIM is our joy. 

I urge you to take a deep breath in and a long exhale out. 
Take note of LIFE you've been gifted. 

I'm focusing these last few days before Christmas on trying to show love to every single person I encounter. 

Happy soon Birthday, Jesus! 
It's pretty amazing that the WHOLE WORLD celebrates your birth. Even if they don't believe in you, it is still your birth that this holiday even exists. 

Merry Christmas, to all!

PS: Read Luke Chapter 2 in the Bible! 

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