December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend 2013

Greetings after a long weekend!

My weekend was such a pleasant getaway. 

How was your Thanksgiving?

The transition from vacation to "real life" is always a tough one. Today I am trying to catch up on laundry, house chores, blog stuff, and being mom without family to help! True story.

Ireland is napping (can you believe it?) and I'm sitting nice and cozy in my jammies, watching the TODAY show, and gazing at my newly lit Christmas tree. I'm thankful for so much and feeling so fulfilled lately. It's been awhile (too long) since I cracked open my devotional app and this morning I made it a priority. It was short and sweet but just enough to make me stop, and be still, with God. 

"Now, ask and keep asking and you will receive, so that your joy, gladness, and delight, may be full and complete." -John 16:24

This made me think. Am I actively pursuing a relationship with God and ASKING for the things that bring me joy? Am I giving HIM the glory, or just strolling through life expecting good things to happen? And when the bad happens, is the first question, "Where is God now, huh?".  

It's wonderful food for thought. It's okay to ask for things we want, God wants us to! Being willing to hear no is necessary. But, being able to say YES to the things you ask for is often more challenging. Today, I'm thankful for such a beautiful weekend and understanding that its okay to feel joy and gladness; God wants us to delight in good! Sometimes its hard for me to allow myself to feel full and complete without fear that something will mess it up. TODAY I'm focusing on deepening my faith and trust in God to fully enjoy the joy and gladness he brings me. I'm affirming that for some crazy reason God does adore me and in his eyes, I'm worthy of such delight. 

Guess what? 
YOU are too. 

The long weekend was filled with comfy hotel beds, warm coffee, lots of family hugs, tasty foods, family football and games, and lots of "She is so lovely" moments staring at iiley. 

Rather than feeling "guilty" for having a beautiful weekend, I'm THANKFUL for the joy we shared. 
I'm not exactly sure if this post makes sense or if what I'm thinking is really communicated well but it's okay. I'm thankful, and will continue to ask and praise my God. 

On another note, blogs in line this week are Christmas picture sneak peek, holiday traditions, beauty favorites, and a SUPER EXCITING GIVEAWAY. Cross your fingers that Ireland naps this week so I can actually post these! 

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  1. YAY for beauty favs!! Please put a few lipstick colors in there! :) I'm looking for a nice dark lip for Winter :)