December 12, 2013

Winter beauty tips!

Winter beauty tips

Hey ladies!

Let's face it, I'm NOT a beauty guru what-so-ever! As much as I'd like to have this ridiculously awesome fashion and beauty blog, I can't! I love fashion and beauty but uhhhh I'm only a wishful trendsetter. My beauty tips are out of need more than "hey I'm a pro when it comes to beauty!". So, let's dive in to some of my winter faves; if you're lucky enough, (NOT!) you may find useful! 

MAC diva red lip stick & red lip liner

Truth: my teeth are the yellow-ist they've ever been! While pregnant and nursing I haven't been able to whiten these puppies. We all know I haven't kicked my coffee cravings so yeah...just like the commercial: "If you're not whitening, you're yellowing." Damnnnnnn. My solution? RED LIPS! 

Now now now. I've always struggled with red lips REFUSING to buy RED lip liner. I've always used a liner that usually exist at the back of my makeup bag but I finally caved and spent a whopping 6.99 on RED liner from Target. Game changer. For real. 


Thank you, Jessie, for introducing me to this GOD SEND. My hair thanks you! It's a texturizing hairspray and is the ONLY way, in my opinion, to style short hair. You're welcome my fellow shorties!

Vitamin D

I'm deficient in vitamin d, are you? I take it at night and it helps me sleep. Besides its beneficial for a bunch a stuff but I'd have to google it to tell you!

Covergirl Ageless Foundation

Girls, if Ellen likes it, than I do too. No really though, I love this stuff! It's not heavy but has lasting coverage. It covers redness but not freckles. Also.... it has SPF 15! I'm committed to ALWAYS wearing sunscreen on my face now...trying to prevent those wrinkles! Oh, I use number 235. 


Okay, the picture is false advertising. I use {and love} my ginger hand cream from Anthropologie but Polyvore (the site I use to make these) didn't have it! So, I faked it. But my hands are cracked out! This cold air is making my knuckles bleed. 

Last and CERTAINLY not least, the quote above. 

My motto these days. 

That's a wrap!

What are your faves this winter?!

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