January 22, 2014

27 Things I think are AWESOME.

In lieu of my 27th birthday arriving in just two days, I've created a list of 27 things I think are AWESOME. 

Please laugh to make me feel better. Oh! And...don't form judgements.
WARNING: a few might make me you blush. 
(Ps: Save your birthday wishes for Friday!)

1. Leaving the gym and watching others just arriving. Suckers. 
2. Happy Hour
3. Steamy coffee with delicious creamer 
4. That moment you realize the baby is FINALLY asleep
5. The number 2's that only require one wipe. (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!)
6. Ellen DeGeneres
7. A text from an old friend
8. Wedding dance parties
9. Letting out a huge fart you've been holding for hours
10. Sizzling butter
11. Bachelor Mondays
12. The exciting feeling in your tummy before a long awaited vacation
14. The perfect selfie after just one try. No shame. 
15. Clean sheets
16. Finding out something is on clearance
17. Putting on cozy sweats after a long day of work
18. WINE!!!!
20. Fitting into old skinny jeans!
22. Waking up two hours before your alarm and realizing you can still sleep
23. A clean car and a full tank of gas
25. Meeting your baby for the first time
26. Finding the shortest line at Costco
27. Surprises!

Ohhhh I just love making lists (that are fun of course!)

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

Ciao ciao lovelies! 

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