January 26, 2014

Birthday wrap-up!

Where do I begin!? If my 27th year is any representation of my 27th birthday than (or is it then?) it's going to be nothing short of fun, fabulous, and family-friendly!

First and foremost and gigantic thank you to my husband for making me feel so darn important. We have a lot of talks about speaking our "love language" and he spoke mine in about 12 different languages! Gah, I'm crazy about you kid! 

My family, my I'm blessed! Without my parents, I couldn't have escaped to wine country to enjoy some good ol' "adult time". With out my sister I couldn't have enjoyed wine tasting, hot tubbing, and major grubbing! Although I have quite the headache today, every second was memories worth experiencing! You know me so well and you're so loved! Kel, we missed you! 

My in-laws, thanks for holding down the fort in Vegas and for giving Halo some TLC while we were away. BIG BIG HUG! 

Gamma, thanks for letting me share your birthday celebration! I loved our girl time getting ready for our dinner and the special talks in between. I'm blessed to call you MY grandmother. 90 years? Whoa! You're an inspiration to all! 

To all my friends, family, and even strangers who wished a happy birthday upon me, from the bottom of my heart I humbly thank you. I sure felt the love. What a special day! 

Welp that's enough jabbering, here's some birthday fun all wrapped up into photos. 

Don't you HATE when vacation comes to an end?! The only thing getting me through this road trip back home is knowing I can curl up on the couch and watch Sean and Catherine's wedding tonight on ABC! 

Cheers to 27! 

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