January 6, 2014

Christmas recap!

Christmas was pretty wonderful this year. The older and wiser I get, I seem to appreciate the LOVE this holiday represents. I mean, a SAVIOR was born. 

Can you grasp that? 

Having a relationship with Jesus saves you. 
Christmas is his birthday...a holiday the entire WORLD celebrates. 
We celebrated in his honor! 

Christmas morning we celebrated as a family of four (MVP, me, iiley, and Halo). Ireland laughed her tushy off at her new bubbles, MVP received a new bike, and I got new workout pants. It was pretty simple this year...but so much more purposeful. Our goal was to stay in our jammies ALL DAY. 
Welp, that was easy! 

Then we went to MVP's parents house for our jammies. Again, it was simple, cozy, and fun! We played games, sipped mimosas, and enjoyed the company. Later in the day, MVP's brother and his family joined us for dinner...and more games. It was all about family!

As much as I missed my family, I'm SOOOOO blessed to be warmly welcomed into such a wonderful family. I love my in-laws and am so thankful for their love in return. 

My family joined us the day after Christmas! It was a weekend of sports, bingo, dining out, and lots of Ireland cuddles.

My Christmas was merry indeed!

We are enjoying creating new traditions for our growing family. What are your traditions?!

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