January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Galway Girl!

It's the annual day of the year that I get to exercise my horrible writing skills and take over Katie's blog. 

Happy Birthday to my Galway girl!

So iiley and I were chatting about what we should do for Katie's birthday. Ireland told me she wanted to team up and tell mommy 27 reasons why we love her. We surprised her with it on our road trip but she also said she wanted a chance to make an appearance on "mommy's bloggy fing". 

So Katie, from her to you…She sure loves you and here is why!

1. Your boobies for my food!
2. Your 4:30 am snuggles
3. Your morning walks with me
4. The way you do my ponytail
5. When you "let it go" dancing and make me laugh
6. When you blow bubbles in my face
7. Your great style for my clothes
8. Our monthly photo shoots
9. Letting me go on playdates
10. Letting me make noise with your keys
11. Letting me play longer in the bath
12. Your comfort when I'm hurt
13. Holding my hand during shots
14. Giving me a stylish helmet
15. Staying up all night with me
16. Reading books to me (especially barnyard dance with the silly songs)
17. Changing my poopy diapers
18. Buying me new toys
19. Letting me pull your hair
20. Loving me still after I spit up on you
21. Praying for me everyday
22. Blowing on my belly
23. Playing peek-a-boo
24. Scratching my head when you take my helmet off
25. Kissing me!
26. Pushing me on the swing at the park
27. Being the BEST MOMMY EVER!

Happy Birfday, Mommy!
Do I get presents, too?

Hugs, iiley

I hope this is your best birthday yet.  It's been the coolest thing seeing you be a mommy to our little one.  I love you more and more everyday and I know iiley feels the same way.  Lets party this weekend and celebrate how awesome you are to iiley and I!

Love You Birthday Babe!

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