January 21, 2014

How would you REALLY enjoy spending your life?

Oh, happy Tuesday!

Guess what? It's my birthday week!!! I'll be celebrating my 27th year of life this Friday while my Grandma will be celebrating her 90th! It's going to be a special weekend, one with lots of memories I'm sure of it. 

On another note, my sister sent me this video. 
It's pretty powerful in my measly opinion. 
(does measly fit in that context? not sure.)

If you're reading this, you NEED to ask yourself these questions. 

Just watch, then we'll chat.   

What did you think?
You know me and my quite often deep thoughts...

How would YOU really enjoy spending your life?

Your LIFE. 
We only have one life. 

Are you spending it the way you desire?
Don't feel lectured, really.  
Don't think for one second I'm not asking myself, my husband, and my close loved ones the same question. 
This video is moving, and gives me that uncomfortable feeling that MAKES me thinks even when I'd rather push it aside. 

But then I realize our hours on this earth are counting down...not to be morbid, but they are. 

What do I desire?

What do you desire? 

This video makes me want to take risks, be bold, dream big, and kind of crap my pants from fear and failure. 

You clicked the link and found yourself reading and watching THIS, that's no mistake I'm sure of it. 

Can we be in this together? 

What do YOU desire?

I'm going to let that question marinate for a long time. 


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