January 7, 2014

Ireland helmet update!

Good news, guys! 

Yesterday was iiley's LAST day wearing her helmet full time. 

Full time = 23 hours a day

And...we're done! 

She has been switched to a 12 hour schedule now...yippee! It seems like a lot but it's really not too terrible. I will be happy when we are completely helmet free but I'm happy we can walk around Costco without the old asian ladies laughing and tapping on her helmet. (yes, that happened!) 

So now she will wear it during nighttime sleeps, naps, and anytime she is resting on her head (stroller and car seat). I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to kiss that chunky neck of hers again! 

She's not itching her head as much and let me tell you, her head looks SO much better!

She is 50% on her way to a perfect little head. 

I was so scared to start this process. God, thank you for listening to my fears. You're the best hand holder.

I've been asked a lot of questions about this experience so hopefully this will help other parents or cure your curiosity. 


>>We were referred to the orthopedic specialist at 4 months. 

>>She was measured at 5 months, and in her first helmet at 6 months. 

>>She had an allergic reaction to the first helmet which delayed the process a few weeks. 

>>A new helmet was made and after a few minor adjustments, it has been smooth sailing.

>>Total time wearing the two helmets full time was 4 weeks. 

>>She will be measured again in a few weeks after switching to the 12 hour schedule. 

>>YES! We are glad we decided to helmet her. 

>>Yes, people ask really bizarre questions and stare at her all the time. You learn to just smile and ignore weird people. Most people are just curious, which is understandable so we help educate them.

>>Yes, I would recommend speaking to a specialist if you are concerned your child might have plagiocephaly (flat head).

>> Yes, she notices the helmet but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. She seems the most bothered when we take it off and she itches her head like crazy.

>>The hardest part is not being able to cuddle her like I'd like to. Also cleaning the helmet gets annoying but if you don't, IT STINKS!

>>Yes, we chose the cheetah print. It was an option as the standard helmet. We could have paid to custom wrap the helmet but we chose not to since she was in it such a short time. 

>>Insurance covered the helmet at first. Two weeks later we received a letter saying they reviewed our request and will not be covering it. We have appealed it but not sure if it will be covered. We're praying because this sucker ain't cheap!

>>Yes, we most definitely think it's worth it even if insurance doesn't cover it. 

Have more questions? Please ask!
If you are a parent who is concerned about your child's head shape and would like to chat, email me! Our children are our world and it helps to speak to other parents who are in the same boat. It's a big and scary decision but we will go to great lengths for our little ones, huh?

Thanks for the encouraging words throughout this process. We are half way done! 

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  1. just found your blog and really love it. ireland is SO CUTE!! happy to hear she's doing so well.