January 13, 2014

Living room look book!

Hello Hello Monday Friends!

How was your weekend?

I hope it was just fabulous!

Let's get to it. I have a problem. 

I cannot commit to things! 

You see, most of our house has either been gifted, thrifted, or bought at IKEA. Example, you ask? 

Our couch, table, bart stools, lamps, pillows. I could go on, but I'll spare ya. 

If you're young and don't have a large furniture budget, I'm sure you can relate.
We've pretty much been willing to take anything people will give us and we are ever-so-thankful for those who have generously gifted. 


Heck I need a new rug! With a crawling baby and entire house of tile floor a rug is a necessity. The rug I do own is a jute rug which is less than ideal for a wee one who wants to lick the floors. I mean c'mon. 

So we've been putting money aside and I'm been actively (praying!) for sales. 
Why the heck are rugs so expensive? 

My mom has been a TROOPER because I cannot commit! 
We're on a budget and when I have to spend over 50 bucks, making a decision feels impossible. If I'm going to spend the money, I want to LOVE it! I can't tell you how many late night Houzz (please tell you me know what houzz is!), pinterest, west elm, and design blogs I've browsed and forced my mom to be an active participant. You see, my mom is a design goddess, really. I can't commit! 

Her last text was: 

"Get it!"

...and so I did. 

living room ideas

So I ordered...and slept on it...and decided I wanted to CHANGE my order. 


These commitment issues are starting to worry me!

Okay so the board above includes many elements in my house. We are repainting the walls creamy white because I can't stand this awful gray I chose. We also need to stain our wood wall and shampoo our dirty white shag rug BUT soon the living room will be getting a makeover. YIPPEE! 

(yes, we need it for the baby to play on but let's face it, I really just want to spice things up!)

The gray rug (that I ordered) just didn't look right to me in my board above. So, I called, cancelled, and reordered a navy one. 

My mom teaches me that navy is an awesome neutral and very "in" in the upcoming design colors. She's so "with it"! 

living room ideas

My heart goes pitter-patter, not panic when I look at the colors here. 

Knowing me I'll get the rug, panic, and return it but I'm praying I fall more in rug love!

::insert sigh::

BIG thanks to my mama for all my annoying calls, texts, and emails. BIG thanks to MVP for your measuring and input that I forced out of you AND for my early birthday present!

It was on sale! 

If you're in the market for a new rug, get on it! I bought mine at  For my living space we went with the 7.6 x 9.6 which is pretty big. It's 100% comfy wool (perfect for playing babies!) and was 50% OFF! 

I'll be sure to post pictures of the "makeover" when we complete it. Yikes, I feel the pressure already!

Okay..I have a crying baby to tend to so xoxoxo! 
(please don't judge if I messed up my grammar or spelling. It happens when I type these FAST!) 

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  1. I like the blue better! its really awesome! the designs on all the furniture is really good! you have a good eye for these things.. even if you change your mind alot!