January 27, 2014

Meal planning 101

We've all had those weekends weeks that you binge and gain, right?

Please say yes!

It was my birthday week and my a** totally knows it! It was all well worth the fun but the scale has gone up and I feel like a lazy lump! 

Since we were out of town we have ZERO groceries which is good because I can start fresh. 


With super bowl Sunday, our big bear vacation, and Valentines creepin' up clean eating is a MUST. 
I want to be able to enjoy those with out regret so exercise and clean eats PRIOR will make those events much more enjoyable. 
Although I swear my face and thighs look heavier (it's just our sick female thoughts!) I feel disgusting. My tummy hurts, I'm tired, and I feel heavy. 
So, rather than entering the store blind I'm going prepared. 

Here's my idea for our meals this week:

healthy frittatas (easy to re-heat and packed with protein)
Sauteed spinach or kale with eggs and gf toast

Salads with shredded chicken 
quinoa with basil, feta, tomato, and garlic olive oil

greek yogurt with stevia and fruit
apples with almond butter
kale chips
hummus and veggies
berry protein smoothies with almond milk

Stir-fry with quinoa
Thai chicken salad (using same ingredients as stir-fry)
turkey burgers loaded with healthy guac and zucchini chips

So the prep?
Today I'll be grocery shopping and slaving in the kitchen.
Things to prep/cook to have ready:

cooked quinoa
washed and cut fruits and veggies
shredded chicken
kale chips
salad dressing

What's on your plate this week?!
I'd love you to share!

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