January 28, 2014

Summer prep 101

Summer prep 101

Okay, okay, okay. 
I'm well aware it is still WINTER.

I HATE that 'oh crap it's summer and I'm SO not ready for it' feeling.  
I don't think I'll ever be fully comfortable rockin' a bikini (especially now that I have post pregnancy tummy wrinkles!) but it's not all about that bikini body. 

I'm no beauty goddess nor do I have the latest tips and tricks but I can pretend, right?
Here is what I am doing NOW to prepare for the warmer weather!

This stuff is the next best thing to chocolate (and wine, and butter, and mashed potatoes, too!)
I used to use it and stopped when I got knocked up. Remember my lashes when we were in Thailand?
Probably not, ha, so here's a picture to remind you. 

Those suckers are the real deal. I'm letting you this liquid gold is amazing when it comes to pool season. You're welcome! 
(side note: it's expensive but will last forever! Also, it takes a good 4 months to take full effect. GET ON IT!)

Self tanner
Let's face it, everyone looks better TAN. Especially come summer! I don't have the budget nor do I want to bake myself in the machine so self tanner is a great option. I'm currently in the market for a self tanner with out the crazy chemicals in it. Any suggestions? In addition some extra sunshine is on my list so walks outside and frisbee playing is on the agenda! 

Weight lifting
Tank tops are scary threads of fabric if I'm not confident about my arms. I've got a ways to go...but that's why I'm starting 5 months early! TONING TONING TONING. I actually REALLY like weight lifting, who woulda thunk it?

Teeth whitening
I drink coffee on the daily. 
My pearly whites are more like dingy tan. 
Operation 'blind everyone with my teeth' is is full effect!

What are your tips and tricks?
Please share so we can be glamorous together!

Gah, thinking about this summer stuff makes me SO excited!

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