February 25, 2014

Battling Isolation as a new mom...

There is NO avoiding it. Motherhood can be very isolating if you don't get yourself OUT THERE. It doesn't matter what OUT THERE is as long as you GET the F*** OUT. 

Ya feel me?

I don't know about you but when I gather with other mothers there is a sense of "I'm not alone in all this chaos" that makes me feel better. As much as I ADORE my sweet little peanut, if I don't get out and associate with adults, I go to crazy town. 

For anyone. 

You can be the best mom is the world and need a break. I'm SO not afraid of admitting that. I need my ladies! 

So if you've found yourself in isolation and don't know what to do about it, here are my suggestions! 

1. Go on a walk with a friend. (or even by yourself!) 
2. Go to a baby music class (usually the first class is free!)
3. Check the local library for storytime and force yourself to make friends 
4. Go to the mall, grab yourself a coffee, and window shop!
5. Search for baby yoga (so fun and usually cheap!)
6. Take a baby swim class (This is on our agenda!)
7. Throw the guilt out the window and put your kids in the gym day care (I need to listen to my own advice on this one :/ )
8. Plan a picnic with other moms that you met at the previous classes
9. Utilize a church nursery and go to a church service baby free 
10. Look online for mommy groups in your area
11. Invite mommy friends to work out at a near by win!
12. Plan a mommy brunch at someones house
13. Plan a "photoshoot" with the kiddos
14. Test out a stroller workout class or start your own!

Obviously these are just suggestions. I'm open to more so leave comments below if you have some good ideas. 

My best advice? 
Be flexible. 
Sometimes it's hard to surrender nap time BUT a loose schedule and messy house for sanity is SO worth it. 
(in my opinion!) 
Also if you're an introvert, it's totally okay. I suggest working up the courage to go to a class and let the kids be the conversation starter. It's hard to make friends, especially as adults, but the truth is EVERYONE wants friends and EVERYONE feels a little nervous meeting other women. 
Lastly, don't hang out with mean moms. Be selective and choose uplifting moms; you're not THAT desperate! 

Are you a new mommy in the Las Vegas area and need mommy friends? Email me and I'd be happy to invite you along on our play dates. 

Here is a few pictures from our picnic today!

Let's kick isolation in the bootay!

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  1. I relate to this so much! If I'm stuck in the house all day every day I start to climb the walls! I love your suggestions though, especially the baby swim class! I'm itching to do this but am having to wait for the weather to warm up here in Utah! And your babes are adorable, by the way!