February 6, 2014

Give thanks to Yahweh

Last night was a strange night. As I was finishing up my tutoring session with a sweet student of mine, She asked me to stay a little longer to help her finish the last problem. At that point I had packing, errands, dinner, and who knows what else on my mind. But, her sweet voice and tender heart made it easy to stay a little longer. We finished, and I called my mother-in-law to see if I could run to Target quickly before picking Ireland up. Of course she said that was fine (because she's the best!) and I was en route to Target. Although there were several different routes I could take, I chose the highway because it seemed the shortest to me. As I began to pick up speed, I came to a quick halt making quick decisions because my rear view mirror was flashing with blue and red lights and my ears were piercing from sirens. Truck after truck, highway patrol and police raced through the rocks to get to the scene of an accident, just cars ahead of me. It was scary and gave me that icky feeling in my tummy. I sat in my car, alone, wondering what other people were thinking and wondering if they too were stricken with worry. Normally I'd be super annoyed and frustrated, this was different. I knew I HAD to pray. Somehow deep within I knew people were fighting for their life and somehow I knew deep within right there on the Summerlin Parkway, just cars ahead of me, they'd be taking their last breathe. I didn't want to let my heart and brain go there but as the helicopters circled and as I sat alone for over an hour, I knew lives were about to spiral like a violent tornado.

I knew right then that had my student not asked me to stay and help her, it could have been me. Her sweetness saved me.

Hours later the news confirmed that two people on the Summerlin Parkway, at the exact exit I was getting off at just minutes in front of me, were killed as a truck crossed the median and caused a head on collision. 

My heart was so heavy. Remnants of PTSD hovered like a dark cloud. I told MVP packing can wait until the morning and we talked as tears clouded my vision. His chest felt like my only safe place. 

As I was still waiting to move on the high way I opened my bible app. 

"And you will say on that day, “Give thanks to Yahweh; call on his name. Make his deeds known among the peoples; bring to remembrance that his name is exalted." (Isaiah 12:4 LEB)

Give thanks to Jesus, give thanks to Jesus, give thanks to Jesus. 

As I was thanking Jesus for my life, someone was losing theirs. 

Do you see my struggle? It's difficult for me to comprehend Gods timing, his plan over ours, and his will for our lives. 

Please pray for the families who as I type this I imagine are in shock, denial, fetal-position sobbing. Feel my heaviness and use it to drive your thoughts to the family. 

And, give thanks to our Yahweh because if you're reading this now, you have life. Full abundant LIFE. You have a God who has plans for you, he's got purpose for you! 

Naturally my deep thoughts tend to take me to dark places filled with survivors guilt, worry, and fear. This isn't Gods will, this I know. So you know what? I woke refreshed, with clouds lifted, and confidence that my life here is far from over. I'm choosing JOY, and you should, too. 

We're off to enjoy the fresh mountain air and I'm choosing to feel blessed, because I am. ❤ 

Cuddle closely with God, he's the calm in among the storms. 


(A picture I took as I was stopped. The accident was just in front of the palm trees) 

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