February 11, 2014

Ireland goes to Japan!

We've been a lot of places, Asia being one of them. 

However, we've never been to Japan. 

 I wish I could confess that we are off for another international adventure, sadly I can't. 


I can, however, say that Ireland's cute face has graced the cover of Japan's leading online magazine "It Mama". It Mama focuses on young and new mothers (very similar to The Bump in the USA). One of the writers contacted me because she was writing an article on cultural piercings around the world. Ireland was on the cover representing our good ol' US of A! 

Get it baby, girrrlll!!! 

Although the magazine is in Japanese, take a gander below. It totally makes me giggle!

Although I had no modeling plans in the future for iiley, perhaps She's off to a new adventure. Lawd, help me! 


  1. Cutest baby by far in that article!

  2. Oh! She is precious! Hahah too funny that she was on the cover, love it!

  3. very cool!! and such a cute photo of her!!!