February 4, 2014

Surrendering Perfection

Since I've entered motherhood, I've given in to the pressures of perfection. It's a vicious race that will never be won and sadly we put it on ourselves.  If I've learned one thing since adding mommy to my resume is that it doesn't matter whether I co-sleep or sleep train, breastfeed or formula feed, work or stay-at-home, all I have to do is LOVE. Our children are the best example of LOVE because they unconditionally adore us. As mothers, we need to adore ourselves, too. Perfection is impossible but deep rooted grace towards ourselves is the best thing we can do. At the end of the day, regardless of how many times we nearly ripped our hair out or became overwhelmed with happy tears because our child giggled at us, all we have to offer is LOVE. What if we made motherhood less about perfection and more about grace? Less about competition and more about support? For me, as a new mother, my purpose is to love and love simply. I just need to practice that thought more often. It starts with believing perfection doesn't exist and trusting God to carry the rest. I didn't expect motherhood to change me so much and although it is not always rainbows and butterflies, I've never been so sure that this is the BEST blessing, the happiest dream, the perfect bite, the highest high, the most wonderful job EVER to exist on the planet. Let's LOVE more and judge less. My mama always tells us to "love God, love people, and keep life simple". I'm adding "love god, love people, love ourselves, and keep life simple". This peanut LOVES me, how blessed am I? 

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