February 23, 2014

Tales of a sports fan wife...

Some people enjoy reading, running, or shopping on their spare time. 

Not in this house!
My husband enjoys youtubing...SPORTS. 
I've confessed he's a sports fanatic before but have I mentioned his interest in ALL things BOY? 
(stop your dirty thoughts people!)

On a nightly basis MVP asks forces me to watch you tube. It varies from Lebron breaking his nose, ESPN's Make A Wish videos, or March Madness buzzer beaters from the early 90's. This kid was BORN to be an athlete and to eat, breathe, and live sports. 
As much as it drives me crazy, it's HIM, and I've totally learned to enjoy it with him. 

Take at a look at our Sunday morning coffee video while the wee one is snoozing. 

This Dude Perfect channel is crazy...I'm totally going to subscribe!

Alright, we're off to church! 

PS: Come back tomorrow because a pretty hefty and personal post is in queue!

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  1. i totally know the feeling.. espn or the golf channel EVERY NIGHT! i feel like the only girl i know who can name basketball players, football players and golfers! cheers to us!! :) have a great day!