February 20, 2014

Ten things I suck at...

I've been told it's good to admit your faults...

Welp, here goes nothin! 

10 things I SUCK at...

1. Flushing the toilet in the middle of the night
2. Paying bills
3. Calling people back (I'm sorry!)
4. Saying no to fun (which leads to over-committing myself)
5. Erasing emails (my inbox currently says 2,043. I've read the important stuff but never delete the unread stupid ads. This drives MVP crazy and I just giggle)
6. Clean and jerks (I try so hard!)
7. Remembering birthdays
8. Going to bed early
9. Painting my own nails


C'mon admit it, what do you suck at?!

1 comment

  1. I NEVER flush the toilet at night.... I think the noise among the quiet scares the heck out of me. It's always so nasty in the morning lol! And I am the opposite with my emails.... I hate if there is even 1 in there unread!