February 14, 2014

Their first date...

Young valentines. 
Valentine's Day is meant to be shared with those you hold near and dear, right?

Meet Dominic, Ireland's first crush. 
Dominic is the son of Danielle, one of my dearest and most treasured friends.
As loving and protective mothers, we couldn't allow them to go on their first date without supervision; their much too young! 
We obliged to their request but ONLY with a few boundaries: 

1. No taking off diapers
2. Only milk, no champagne!
3. And no open mouth kissing
 (Ireland broke the rules on this one! oy!)

They gave us a few coos and cries over the rules but in the end, they were happy to spend time together. Dominic started their date waiting at the door for his Valentine and the end was a happily ever after. 
(and because we are totally googly-eyed obsessive over our children we couldn't help but capture their every move!) 

iiley and dom, you know this means we get to follow you around on prom night too, RIGHT???

Happy LOVE Day to our wee little valentine's. 
You make us so proud. 

They also told me to remind my readers to love EVERYONE today. 
Love the hurting. 
Love the lovely. 
Love your enemy. 
Love the sinners. 
Love your spouse. 

They are young and wise, don't ye think?

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet and loyal readers. 
You make me blush! 
I love you!

PS: Jackie Scinta styled this photo shoot. SHE IS AMAZING!!! If you are ever in need of a stylist for ANY event, She is your gal. Email me for her contact!
PPS: Grammar errors are likely since I SUCK at proofreading. Just ignore em', aight?


  1. Ummmm this has got to be the cutest thing I've EVER SEEN! When can Ford and Illey go on a date?!

  2. I second Ruthie. This is by far the CUTEST things I have ever seen!!! They make a very cute couple!!

  3. OMG this is too adorable. I was literally LOL! I love this idea!