February 19, 2014

To be a kid again...

The perks of being a mommy to a baby is that sometimes you get those quiet moments in the early morning after a feeding. Before becoming a mom I used to wake up early just to sip coffee in my slippers and read my devotional. I must say, sleep deprivation has robbed me of my early morning quiet hour these last 8 months, but, this morning was different. I'm tired but my soul was hungry. I'm certain a little less sleep and a lot more soul food will greatly impact my day. 

You know what bothers me? 

 There are people in this world who feel completely unloved. 

1 John 3:1 says "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we could be called children of God."

I love that word in this context. 
There is no greater compliment nor love than to be called a child of God. 

Being called a child feels insanely good. As a teenager all I wanted was to "grow up". As an adult I have fleeting moments where all I want is to be a child again, worry and stress free. 

When called a child, doesn't it make you want breathe a little in with a little less worry and breathe out with a little more playfulness?

It's just insane to me that God ALWAYS, and FOREVER, will be ready (in fact waiting!) to kiss our owies. 

 If you feel unloved, find rest in our Father. 
He's waiting to squeeze you, today. 

My devotional urged me to focus on being a kid today, so I too, will urge you. 
Be playful with me, will ya? 

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