March 12, 2014

E is for Effort.

It's wednesday, right? 

My head is all. over. the. place. 

Anyway, I frantically wrote my first post for Thrive Moms

A. So exciting. 
B. Forgot what B was going to be.
C. Just go read, please? 
D. Heavens, I love you.

You see, there was a spot open to write TODAY so I jumped on the opportunity thinking I may not have another one this month. 

I was wrong. oops. But didn't realize it until after I had written the post. 
Although it was a bit rushed, it's written and I'm PRETTY stoked to be a part of Thrive moms. 

Go check out what I have to say about genuine community by clicking HERE

big ones. 


  1. I'm so proud of you Kates!!! Thrive is lucky to have you! And what a great purpose they've set out to accomplish. xoxoxo

  2. What a great post, Katie! My son is 16 months, my daughter is due in June, and I am still struggling to find a mommy community. Being painfully shy doesn't help. But I have not been putting my effort into it. Thanks for the reminder :)