March 19, 2014

March Madness 2014

You didn't think March Madness would pass without me filling out a bracket, right?

Ha! It was pretty much in our marriage vows that I would willingly participate. 

...and so I shall. 

Excuse this horrifying picture. It was quick and I just got home from Hot Pilates (oh brother, that's a WHOLE different post!).

Tomorrow is MVP's FAVORITE day of the year. When I asked him if MM is better than Christmas he said...."whoa. Maybe". I'm blaming my female genes for totally not understanding HOW that would even be possible! 

Better than Christmas?! 

Welp, at least he's honest. 

::insert emoticon with big eyes here::

As much as I regret to admit, I'm totally into this. I might be slightly very competitive.
Add in money, I'm in-it-to-WIN-it. 

I wish I could be one of those totally awesome wives who knows all about the players and teams and actually picks based on statistics and talents but I'm farrrrr from it. 


I picked all my teams based on:

 a. places I want to visit
b.  teams I think have nice coaches
c. people I like (or don't like!) that live there
d. total guess

I'm just hoping for the BEST! 

Because I'm sure the dudes reading this are wondering who I picked to win...

Florida vs Arizona in the final

 Florida to cut down the nets!


MVP, I know its totally against "guy code", BUT, one year I want to take the next two days off with you to see what all this 'madness' is about...har har har... I hope you have the BEST day tomorrow. You deserve every minute of it!!!! SMOOCH!

You didn't think MM would pass without Ireland filling out a bracket, RIGHT? 
She's waking up early to make her picks. 

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  1. Sorry but it's Villanova and Louisville in the championship and Louisville is gonna DOMINATE!!!