March 4, 2014

My lately list...

my lately list

Joeley from the Harpers Happenings completed this + encouraged her readers to, I did! Please pay her a visit after reading my lately list!

lately i’ve been:
COOKING baby food art plates. Creativity oozes out in the weirdest ways sometimes.
SIPPING iced green tea with truvia.
READING hmmm the last thing I read was my emails. 
LISTENING the sound machine playing the cradle song. It's only the 98th time. :/
WANTING to be exploring in New Zealand. No, Crotia. Errr, I mean Machu Piccu. Hmmph.
WATCHING My FAVORITES! The Bachelor, Amazing Race, Modern Family, and Shark Tank
WAITING for my parents to come visit in a few weeks. Mama is going to teach me to sew better.
ATTEMPTING to win a contest for Ireland to be a baby model (for free clothes!)
LIKING kale chips. WHOA. So good.
HOPING to feel confident this summer
NEEDING a girls night out. and a massage. 
TRYING to make baby clothes
WEARING the usual, workout clothes and slippers.
LOVING kids fashion.
PLANNING Ireland's first birthday
MISSING my family
MAKING out. hehe.
NOTICING Ireland's teeth coming through!
FEELING needed and loved by my baby.
LAUGHING at the OLD SPICE commercial with the asian lady. I love it.
ADMIRING the creativity on social media. I feel like I follow some pretty sweet people.
BUYING bathing suits. Then returning. wah wah wah.
CRAVING a vacation. and fro yo. and sleeeppp.
DISLIKING unsupportive people.
FOLLOWING the @busybudgetingmama on insta who is in the hospital. Total stranger but I'm praying for her.
FEELING blessed, courageous, curious, and happy. 

Hope this is worth your read. HA! Can you PLEASE do this? Let me in to YOUR life. PLEASE?! 


  1. COOKING.Nothing.Since my daughter is still at home she has taken over that task
    SIPPING nothing at the moment its almost bed time
    READING It was Dark Places by Gilliam Flynn
    LISTENING to my husband get ready for bed
    WANTING to hurry up and get this second surgery over with on my back
    WATCHING The Amazing Race ,otherwise I dont watch tv
    WAITING for my Sweet little Grandson Eli's second birthday party tomorrow
    ATTEMPTING to lose this extra weight
    LIKING This short taste of Spring
    HOPING to be pain free this year
    NEEDING a good nights sleep ,we have a busy day tomorrow with Church and the party
    TRYING to be more patient and boy am I losing
    WEARING my pj;s
    LOVING spring colors.
    PLANNING my 30th wedding anniversary in June
    MISSING My Mom
    MAKING out. I wish :)
    NOTICING that Eli is no longer a baby
    FEELING excited for Easter and our program at Church
    LAUGHING at my Grandkids
    ADMIRING the creativity on social media. I feel like I follow some pretty sweet people.
    BUYING too many skirts (I have a problem)
    CRAVING a vacation.
    DISLIKING feeling so yucky lately
    FOLLOWING this awesome blog!!.
    FEELING blessed, courageous, curious, and happy.

  2. This is so fun! I love lists. I might have to do this too. (Also, I've read three posts and have yet to notice any grammar errors. Just sayin. ��)