March 11, 2014

Thrive Moms Blogging Contributor!

(and dudettes, of course)

God is so good. 

Here is a little background knowledge for ye. 
I've been praying for awhile now for God to use my blog to reach others. As a blogger, I want to grow my audience. It's scary to admit that, but, what's there to be afraid of? Isn't that obvious? It's been my prayer for awhile that if God wants my writing to expand into different places, that his will be done. 

I know I want it, but ONLY if it's right with my soul. 

You see, I have a story, we all have a story. We all have different platforms that we reach others. This silly little place you've made yourself comfortable in is my platform, I think. 

Right when I start withdrawing, feeling self-conscious, doubting myself, and allowing fear to win, it's like BAM, God knocks on my door and tells me to KEEP BLOGGING. 

Well, he came knocking! 

I'm sooooo excited to officially announce that I'm going to be a blogging contributor for Thrive Moms!

I'm so beyond HUMBLED to be asked to be on the panel of bloggers. These ladies are A.M.A.Z.E.I.N.G. and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. 
I'm a little nervous, super stoked, and right now just in awe of God's answered prayers. 
I just love the tagline, "empowering IMPERFECT moms with his PERFECT grace." 

A place I can safely preach imperfection?
It's a match made in heaven, for me. 

Don't worry, I'll still be blogging here, too! 

Follow @thrive_moms on IG to stay tuned!

(it feels so official seeing my picture up there!)

Thanks for all YOUR support. I continually feel encouraged by YOU. 

PS: A huge thanks to Ruthie from The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart for your recommendation. Without your friendship NONE of this would be possible. I'm blessed by your friendship! 

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