March 3, 2014

Vote for Ireland!

Okay my LOVELY readers. 

I submitted Ireland to be a brand rep/model for Trendy Treehouse clothing. 

Guess what?! 

She is a finalist! 
She needs to make it to the next round of 4!
We have 24 hours on instagram to vote and I'm counting on YOU! 

Here is what you do!

On instagram go to @trendytreehouse. 

On Ireland's picture, she is number 7. 
On that picture comment 7 to submit your vote. 

Then, repost the picture, tell all your friends, and let's WIN!!!

Here is why this is so awesome...

If She wins she will receive FREE clothing and be modeling for Trendy Treehouse. 
Trendy Treehouse has a following of 18k on insta, CRAZY right? 

Pretty please go vote? It's so easy. 

Oh, and tell your friends, retweet, do what you gotta do. 

I love you all!