March 4, 2014

Vote for Ireland...AGAIN!

First things first. 

THANK YOU for all your votes on guys seriously ROCKED it. 
At this point even if we lose, I feel like we have totally won because of you. 
I. was. amazed. at. your. support. 
I didn't expect so much kindness to come from people I know AND strangers. 
We really appreciate YOU!!!

Again, if she wins, she will become a brand rep/model for Trendy Treehouse. Which means that she will get free clothes and her cute little face will appear where ever Trendy Treehouse appears. It's not she'll be a GAP model or anything but to us, it is exciting! 

To be honest, I'm just really humbled by this. Of course, I think my little girl is a doll, but, knowing you do too makes me blush. I know it was pretty simple to vote but you still did! 
I really just want to give y'all a great big fat hug!

And I hate to ask you AGAIN...but she made it to the FINAL!!!!

It's down to the final 4. 
One will win. 

We have 24 hours. 

Go to @trendytreehouse on instagram and vote by LIKING (not commenting) on Ireland's picture. She is #3 in the 0-12 month category. 

Please share this with your readers and followers! 
Or retweet! 

Winner will be announced on Friday. 

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  1. I VOTED!!! And not just because you asked. But because Ireland is seriously the prettiest and most beautiful and adorable baby girl EVER!!!