April 29, 2014

Baby and Toddler Eating!

If you follow me on instagram you know I enjoy making little ridiculous (to some) food plates for my little peanut. 

When I feel like it, I create one! It is a creative outlet for me, something that these days is much easier than my hot glue gun or paints. So when people say, "how do you have time for this?", I giggle. It literally takes 10 minutes and saves me a lot of dough at the craft store. 


I also really like feeding my baby healthy but yummy foods! 

Through posting these pictures, many people have reached out to me wondering what and how I feed her. 

Please note!

A. I'm not a professional nutritionist by any means 
B. I don't follow all the rules 
C. I don't judge you for what you feed your little one
D. I'm still learning!

With that said, I use the Momtastic's Wholesome Baby Food website as a guide. 

I like the idea of Baby Led Weaning so I took tips from the approach to teach her how to feed herself. 
(She is currently watching Baby Einstein's eating in her high chair. It's NICE!) 

I didn't even glance at the website until she was 8 months or so...and I realized I was WAYYYY behind on what she was eating. It also taught me that she can eat way more variety and I don't have to be so afraid of being adventurous. Next baby? I'll be using that website at a much earlier age. I don't follow the website exactly, I mostly use THIS chart to help me introduce new foods.  

Also, please note that I never leave her alone while eating because she does choke sometimes! And...the plates I show you? I chop it to pieces before I serve it to her so PLEASE don't give your baby big food items like that!!!! 

***I am not a professional! Please make your own decisions when feeding your baby or consult your doctor.***

I hope this helps!!! 

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