April 22, 2014

He loves us.

I recognize I've been quite absent around here. 

Ever since Hopespoken,  I've really reevaluated my time and how I choose to spend it. 

Don't worry, blogging is still a love of mine and something I plan to continue.

However, my slight blogging hiatus has been a refreshing vacation, one that was needed to fully pour myself into my own family and into prayer. 

I can't promise where my heart will be tomorrow, but for today, it is RIGHT HERE in my little slice on the internet. 

So here I sit, sweaty from my short walk around the neighborhood. It won't surprise you that my thoughts are quite scattered this windy Tuesday...

Choose joy, because you have a choice in your mood. 
How will you serve God today? 
Intentional motherhood/mother's day
serving friends
feeling happy 

I told ya so! I'm all over the place. 
You know what phrase I could not get out of my head? 

He meets you right where you are at. 

I'm totally trying to ignore this push to tell you that because I don't know the right words. I don't know what to say, or why I have the ache to tell YOU that. But grrrrrrrr, I'll tend to my ache, grow some courage, and say it. (and I'm scared but not sure why!)

He meets you right where you are at. 

Where ever you are, right now, he's there. 

In the operating room. 
In the divorce court. 
On the bedroom floor. 
In your addiction. 
In your celebrations. 
In your job interview.
At the funeral. 
At the work meeting. 
On your flight. 
In your insecurities. 
At your promotion. 
In your joys. 
In your tears. 

Everywhere. You can't shake him. You can't move him. You can't hide. 

Whether your atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, mormon, or Jewish, he's there.
Male, female, young, old, straight, gay, he's there.
Rich or poor, he's there. 

(Crap. This is sounding creepy, not my intention. Now you know why I was hesitant!)

But you know the best news? 

He meets you RIGHT where you are at. 

You don't have to carry ANY burdens. ANY fears. ANY hopelessness. ANY pain. 

Because HE, the big wig upstairs, He meets you right where you are at. 

Easter was on Sunday. You may choose to celebrate with peeps and the Easter bunny BUT he's still there. There's a reason the WORLD celebrates Easter. You may not believe in HIM, but he's still there. 

He'll go to great lengths just to say I love you. 

Are you willing to hear it? 

If you need prayer, I'm here. If you think I'm wacko, it's okay. If you find me to be the weirdo mom/Jesus freak, it's okay. I have a story, just like you, that found me at the bottom. It's my own experience and brokenness that made me realize I was suffocating without accepting his love. I didn't like myself and found it hard to see the world as a colorful place. If you're not there yet, you will be... 
...and He'll meet you right where you are at.  

He's there.
And he loves you.
Do you have 7 minutes to watch and listen?


  1. Thank you Katie.
    Beautiful post.
    I sure needed that remindrer! :)

  2. Super powerful video... thanks for sharing :) I needed this today!