April 28, 2014

Top Travel Websites!

Summer is approaching!
Which means my brain is instantly dreaming of umbrella drinks and ocean waves. 
You feel me? 
Yes, MVP and I love love love to travel. But, chances are, you do too! 
So if you are like me and scouring the web for travel deals, here is some go-to places to snoop. 
Here is a list of my top 8 favorite travel resources! 

Perfect for vacations (especially all inclusive resorts!). The website is super easy to navigate AND modify your search to look for the best prices. It's really really easy to add flights so it makes trip planning REALLY easy. Also the packages usually come with Costco benefits (giftcard, room upgrade, etc.) which can really make a difference in your experience. Typically transportation to and from the hotel is ALREADY included which is cheaper (and safer!). This is a GREAT option for honeymooners or people like me who are looking for a romantic all-inclusive getaway. 

We used this website over and over when in Southeast Asia. It's worldwide, but mostly an excellent resource for Asia and beyond. You're welcome!!! 

This is used to rent apartments, houses, and so on from a person, not a hotel or chain. Usually a MUCH cheaper option! Perfect for flexible couples. 

We used this website constantly while backpacking Europe! It's easy, quick, and offers good deals and great variety. They have an app now which makes it fast and efficient while on the go! Ideal for adventurers and backpackers!

Expedia is constantly trying to beat their competitors pricing which means it offers great deals! After lots of airfare shopping, I still find the best deals on Expedia (especially for long-distance travel!) I booked my Africa flights and Thailand flights through Expedia, if that helps! 

A great place to find trip ideas, price comparison, and vacation deals. 

It's annoying because of all the pop-up adds BUT it's a quick place to compare prices. Easier than going to all different websites to compare. 

I'll be honest, I like Costco better than Bookit but this is certainly worth comparing. The big plus is that you can pay in installments, no interest. Such a great feature (that Costco doesn't offer!). They also have a wide variety of resorts BUT you will pay more for things like transportation, etc. 

I hope this is helpful. I encourage all of you to TRAVEL. It does mighty things for your soul and for relationships. It's important to take time out not only for your honeymoon but to moon your honey!!!

Happy booking! 

Share with me your summer vacation plans! 

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