May 20, 2014

Ireland's FIRST birthday party!

First and foremost, a GIANT thank you to our families who came and helped set up and entertain. We could NOT have done it with out you! 

::big hug::

Second, we had so much fun! 
Watching Ireland smash the cake was by far my favorite part. 
And the ONE balloons. 
Oh, the spiked lemonade, too. hehe. 

I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. I was busy setting up and having fun! 

The incredible white couch and other vintage rentals were from The Wooden Trunk. Locals, seriously check them out! 

Ireland's outfit: American Apparel 
Cake: Albertson's "Baby Cake". It was only 4.99 and PERFECT. 
ONE balloons: I ordered them online and filled them up that day at Party City
1 crown: Oliviaanncollections on IG and Etsy

Ireland's ACTUAL birthday is May 28th, so I'll have more thoughts on her big day. 

I love you little girl. Oh so much. 

Happy FIRST birthday!!!


  1. Love it! The ONE balloon is so cute & the fact that it matches her pants, adorable :)
    Happy Birthday to Ireland! Hope she has a blessed year!!!