June 2, 2014

Bad Christian....

I vividly remember my years of rebellion. Reminds of me a history book or the classic tale of a teenager falling in love, abondoning her friends, and saying sayanora to all her beliefs her parents worked so hard to instill.

Happended to you to? No?


I was a freshman in high school. Never kissed a boy. Didn't even have arm pit hair. I first learned of most "stuff" at an overnight cheer camp. One would call it totally innocent, or naive.  

I stumbled upon love, or so I called it, at the ripe age of 15. I fell HARD for a fellow church small group leader. That was a good thing, right?

Although the rebellion didn't happen overnight, it felt like it for my parents. It started with late night phone calls, breaking curfew, and....wearing Etnies.

YUP. I remember my on-again-off-again Mormon "boy-friend" saying, "you've changed". It bothered me, but I accused him of judging me because I couldn't possibly be "changing". How dare him!


My once pray-at-the-pole, talking to the special ed kids, Hollister-wearing-self quickly slipped away to desert parties, ditching small group, dying my hair, and avoiding the Christian "judgement" as much as possible.

So I began listening to bands like Dashboard Confessionals, Thrice, Emery, and various other hardcore bands that were far from anything I even liked. The new life I lived was a mechanism to fit into a crowd that appeared fun and...daring.

I was so in L O V E and I wasn't going to let anything stop me. Even God.


That two-year relationship ended, like they all do. He was left feeling free and I was left with a serious broken heart, like they normally do too. (I'm so embarrassed by majority of the way I acted!) Happy to say I still adore his family and 100% respect him. This is not a bash the ex sesh or a blame on his part, rather a WHOA, I did totally change and running from God got me no where.

Turns out, I wasn't running from God as much as I thought I was.

I've recently stumbled upon a website...Bad Christian.

Ever heard of it?

The band Emery, did y'all know they were Christian?

They were Christian then, too!

There I was trying to avoid the Christian life as much as possible and little did I know I was blaring a band who happens to be absolutely crazy about God. Good reminder that God is always there, even when you're bolting.

Bad Christian is created by the Emery band members and friends. They've committed to plunge themselves into places and topics most Christians avoid. They "exist to be open and honest about who they really are and encourge you to do the same in your community". They are REAL.

Gosh, what they are doing is so cool to me. Although I'm still not a fan of the hardcore music scene, I totally admire what they are about.

They talk about things that make me outrageously uncomfortable but they are REAL, and I totally dig it. All too often Christians avoid the realities of this world. It's interesting listening and reading these stories, perspectives, and thoughts from people just like myself...believers.

They've spent the last 12 years in music and ministry in bars, churches, tour buses, couseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and in circle of people doing drugs. They write about all these crazy perspectives and I like that they avoid keeping it to themselves.

If you're down to hear some wild stories from God-fearing people who aren't afraid of boundaries, tune in with me!

(Ps: you may or may not hear them talk about my blog on todays podcast!) wink wink!   


  1. Emery used to be one of my favorite bands! I knew they were Christians back then, but I still liked their sound. I ran away from God for a season too. Honestly, I believe we all do at some point in our lives. I can seriously slap myself for things I did during that season. So glad I found my way back to Him! I'm intrigued by this website. I'll have to give it a look!

  2. I went through the same phase. I would say it was during the time when I was in 8th grade transitioning to high school... I was too cool for anyone, trying to be a skater girl, breaking curfew...ah I think about it now as an embarrassment, but I feel like it's something we all need to go through. Love the honesty.

  3. The lead singer of Thrice is also a Christian. Check out his latest worship album. It's really good and focuses on Christ's work rather than our own. Listen free at Relevant Magazine -