June 27, 2014

Coming Soon....

Welp, I guess the cat is out of the bag. that the right saying? (what the heck does that even mean?)

(nope. Not pregnant!)

Say hello to Mrs. Gums, your new half-time kindergarten teacher! 

Yup, I'm lacing up my teaching shoes (again!) and will start this August. 

When I left teaching, my exact words were, "I don't think I'll ever go back to the classroom". I think that was my super pregnant, over-exhausted, worn out, need-a-break self. It's QUITE sooner than I expected but it's the PERFECT job. 

I have zero desire to go back...full time. 
This position is a half-time contract so I only have kiddos from 9-11:40am. 
That means I'll have adult work life in the morning and be snuggling my little peanut by noon! 
(awesome, right?) 

I feel blessed to be home so much during Ireland's first year and feel greatly blessed that I found a balanced job for next year. Work life balance is top priority and I'm pretty smitten with my new gig. 

Of course, I'm excited to greet my little kiddos on the first day but it's imperative that they have a cute and cozy classroom to make their new (half-day) home. 

So I've been pinning like a mad woman (secretly!) and can't wait to start painting, crafting, building, and creating and inviting space for learning AND fun. Here is just a few PINspirations of mine!

I know, it's probably not what you expected, right? You're probably thinking, ummmm where is the educational stuff?! Don't be fooled! It's going to be fabulous, functional, and very academically RICH!  

Coming this August...


It's Friday. Go celebrate! (or sit on your couch watching Shark Tank like us. #tiredparents)

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