June 12, 2014

Life as of Late...

I wonder how many times I've posted on here, "I've been so busy". 

What can I say? 

Being busy is my thing, I suppose. ACTUALLY, being a mom is a BUSY life, I tell ya!

And have I mentioned I LOVE summertime?!

We've been outside almost everyday and it's been so happy (and hot!). 

It has been a lot of this lately....

and this...

and I can't forget...THIS. 

Triathlon training! 


I blinked and it's JUNE! 


Sometimes it's weird that I blog. I mean, sharing my life is...weird. But, it has brought so much goodness to me, humbled me, and blessed I shall continue this odd and weird and crazy and challenging art of being a blogger. 

Thanks for hanging with me and joining me in this journey.

Lastly, I leave you with this:

And all the people said?!



  1. I told the cashier at Target the other day as I read my receipt, "Wow, I've saved $76 this year, and it's only March!". Uhhhhh... Yeah she gave me the weirdest look and then said, kindly, "Well, it's actually June, but that's still a lot of savings, that's great!"

    Where is time going?! And God help me, maybe I'll finally come to terms that it's June by the time it's July.

  2. One day it clicked..I'm thinking you asked to follow me on instagram because you thought I was married to Matt. Well, Matt is my husband Zach's cousin. For a while I was getting friend requests and messages from a lot of people thinking I was "the other Nicole Dowler." I would look at their picture and think, do I know them? Then I would see Christina was the only mutual friend and after a while it all made sense. Anyway, all that to say, I'm glad that I accepted and looked at your profile and started to follow your blog. It really has blessed me. I love how real and honest you are. Blogging has definitely been a challenge for me, but like you said also so humbling and so good. You have been a great source of inspiration, and I've never even met you! I believe it was a total God-thing from the beginning.