June 13, 2014

Parenthood is a really tough gig.


Although I had different plans for a blog post today, this is fitting, for me. 

Story time for littles is supposed to be fun, RIGHT? 

Let me give you the low-down. 

We attended story time today at the Library. Super cute program, free, a great way to get out of the house... 

...or a sure way to drive me to the bottle. (and not the baby bottle!)

 Many of you have generously complimented me or said things like, "you make mother-hood look so easy!". 


The human side of me is flattered but I couldn't disagree with you more!

Maybe it's because sharing the really awesome stuff is easier? 

I don't know but I like to be super candid with my readers. I'd hate for you to have an unrealistic image of me, especially based on the content I give you. 

Please keep in mind that although it seems like my life is so public, what is on here is such a teeny weeny fraction of reality. 

So for those that have graciously stated or even thought that I have it all together, I'm here to tell you that you are W-R-O-N-G. 


And for those of you who think I'm totally nuts and knew all along I'm often a hot mess, I hope you also see me as totally honest. I hope you can support the good, the bad, and the ugly because I like people like that. 

Back to story time nightmare time. 

My child is sooooo active. And curious. And independent. And...does NOT want to sit still. 

I don't know what the other moms and dads are doing right but every other child was sitting, clapping, smiling, and joyfully SITTING on their parents lap. WTF?

Mine was arching her back, crawling in the center, trying to grab the teachers stuff animal, and getting angry because it wasn't time for shakers, yet. 

I was chasing her around and probably said, "I'm sorry" 80 times in the first 5 minutes. 

All eyes were on little miss Ireland and the totally embarrassed, wanting to cry, have no clue what I'm doing, mother (AKA: ME!). 

Some song about a firetruck? And a story about ten toes? I don't know really because we didn't make it past the Good Morning song!

I tried to redirect her, we left the room, and I tried distracting her, but it looked more like a circus act. (of course I had to wear my HOT PINK work out pants, too! All I needed was my dressed up monkey and a trapeze, geeze.) 

My mommy-friends were wonderful and tried to help and make me feel better but the rest of the parents were all judgy. And I'm certain every parent was glad that "wasn't their kid". 

Parenting is HARD. I don't want to smother her with rules but I also want her to learn structure. I love her adventurous and feisty personality but how do you teach an active one-year-old to sit still? 

My parents are still trying to teach me to sit still and I'm 27! 
My parents said I was the same way. I never stopped being busy, I was super adventurous, and very social. Let me tell you that NOTHING has changed. Who knew personalities were A: genetic and B. so obvious in the infant stage?

She is sassy and smart and adventurous, and I LOVE HER!

When my sweaty palms and redness in my ears finally subsided, we left...exhausted. 

She then screamed her balls off in her crib before she finally crashed for a nap. 

Good news? She's sleeping in her crib, not her car seat. 

Well there ya have it. 

Still think I make it look easy?

This is hands down the hardest job...ever. 

PS: don't be deceived. This was during play time. Yes, that's my little independent nugget crawling over someone else's purse. Insert emoticons HERE. 

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