July 28, 2014

Thank you, Rick Warren!

Let's face it, couples argue. 

The social media world is a crazy world these days, making every relationship appear perfect. It's an illusion, people! Just go look at your instagram. When do you see someone post, "My husband and I just got into a blow out"? 

I often feel the authenticity of people gets so lost. I truly think it's purposely hid.

I don't do it that often, either. 
Some things are just kept private, right? I get that, and I respect that. 
HOWEVER, the illusion of perfection drives me nuts. If I ever want to feel really bad about myself, I'm sure I can find someone's IG account that I'm drooling over. We all stalk those people who have a crap-load of followers, the best fashion, cutest husband, and what appears to be "the perfect life". Right!?

It's not real! Sure, their life looks exciting and probably is pretty magnificent, HOWEVER, do you think for one second that that cute husband and her never fight? Or that her pretty looking coffee actually tastes like dirt? Or that her outfit was only borrowed? 

It's okay to post those things, I do it, too! 
But, I also think it's important to let loose. If we are posting stuff on the internet (blog, IG, facebook, twitter), I think remaining REAL is the most alluring. The REAL people, make me feel at home. The honest posts, make my heart swell. The people that let the world see a taste of reality make me crave that same attitude and confidence. 

So here's a bit of honesty for ya. 
MVP and I got in a STUPID, yet typical, married argument over the weekend. It was a lot of selfishness (on both sides) and a lot of tally marks of who is "doing more". Just because it was a silly, embarrassing, and plain stupid debate doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's totally NORMAL to argue. So I prayed about the argument and a short ten minutes later, Rick Warren posted on IG that he was doing a sermon on "reconciling relationships". 


I love how God works. Sometimes he is so subtle but others it's so CLEAR that he hears us. MVP and I sat and watched the sermon, giggling because we knew it SO pertained to us. Rick has a way of connecting with people and his message was so valuable. It truly helped us voice ourselves and it was a very fair fight. Thank you, Rick!

That's why I'm posting this!
Not because I think you care about MY garbage, rather, I know if this can help us, it can help you, too! Please avoid being prideful in thinking you don't need this. I've heard wayyyyy too many times in my life "my husband and I don't really fight". I just don't believe it. If you're not disagreeing, you're probably bottling it all in. 
Think about it. 


Click the link below to watch the sermon yourself. Christian or not, all can relate. 

Be sure it is the "How to reconcile a relationship". 


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