July 10, 2014

What do you love most about traveling?

My mom asked me earlier this week what I love most about traveling. How can I (simply) answer that? This picture was taken in Venice, Italy. Staircases below led to a bustling street with buskers, accents, markets, gondolas, pizza vendors, inexpensive delicious wine, bakeries, cappuccino sippers, and backpackers, just like us. Across the window were lovers, Italian locals. The daily adventure was soulful, spiritual, and very simply put...lively. Temporarily removing normal and trying what is virgin stirs up some really good vibes and profound memories. Being stationary is not an unhappy place, but, breaking comfort zones, for me, brought such tender growth. It's easy to think our normal, is well...normal. Witnessing how other cultures, tribes, workers, parents, children, and elderly do life is enlightening. The people-watching makes great conversation. The scenery is grand. The kinship between fellow trotters is just understood. More firmly the nearness of MVP, my travel partner, created countless personal, silent, frustrating, cozy, festive, romantic, exhausting, jubilant memories that wouldn't exist otherwise. I'm not sure what I love most about traveling but I do know how it makes my tummy butterfly, how it brings me peace and learning, and how connected I feel to my husband. I can't wait to share the love of cultural adventures with my children and to see their eyes widen and hearts hungry for the vulnerability exploring brings. Becoming a recent mother has changed our itinerary quite drastically, but what a blessing that is! At times I struggle missing the freedom to climb Machu Picchu, to swim the Great Barrier Reef, or stroll the streets of Croatia, but I'd never trade the void for the sweet taste of motherhood. And hey, we just booked a cheap Mexican cruise to celebrate our anniversary! With family support and a lot of practice trusting it is possible to getaway, even as parents. 
What makes your tummy twirl with excitement and nerves?


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