September 7, 2014

Protein 'nanner cakes!

I'd like to imagine Jack Johnson's banana pancakes are WAY better than mine. 

Yes. Those sad looking, burnt, soggy ball-ish things are the finished project. 


My dear friend, Teressa, recently blogged about using old bananas. It was perfect timing because I have LOTS of oldish nanners. Check out her post HERE! 

Thanks T for your inspiration! 

I didn't follow any recipe, I just decided to throw all my goodies into a bowl and hope for the best! 

Bad mistake. 

But WAIT! Before you totally give up on my cooking abilities, (I wouldn't even use the word skills), look what happened! 

I lowered my heat, added another egg, a handful of GF oatmeal, an extra scoop of protein powder, and made smaller cakes. 


Best of all...they are GOOD. Like REALLY good. And super healthy, organic, and gluten-free! 


almond milk
protein powder (I use About Time)
3 eggs
flax seed
GF oatmeal
stevia or truvia
2 really ripe bananas
coconut oil


Mix ingredients to a pancake-like consistency. Heat oil until sizzling. On a medium-low pour silver dollar sized pancakes. Flip. ENJOY! 

I've been scarfing on these as left overs. Best thing? Da bebe likes them too. 

Happy Sunday!

(saying prayers my fantasy steps up today!) 


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