October 16, 2014

Triathlon 101!

You know you haven't blogged in awhile when you forget your login password. 


Sure, I'm busy being a mama, wife, and teacher but there is always time for things we love. I've been in a total writers rut! Nothing seemed interesting or motivating to me so when the baby naps, I've said, "nah...I don't feel like it." 

Frankly, I'm pretty happy about that. 
It's not ideal for my reader stats, but do I REALLY care about that? 
No, not really. 
As a blogger, you ALWAYS feel the pressure to post...everything. 
It can be exhausting! 

It's nice to take a break, even from the things we love.
Thanks to those who have been checking on me...I'm still alive! 

I've had lots of questions about the recent triathlon that MVP and I did. 

I never thought I'd say this but if they weren't so dang expensive I'd do one once a month!

...we learned a lot as rookies, however.

Here's a few tips that helped me so if you're a newbie too, this may help you!

1. Read your packet...FULLY. We knew the gates closed in the morning at 6:30. We didn't realize that we couldn't be IN the set up area after 6:30. You guys, we ALMOST missed the whole race. I would have cried like a baby, seriously. We entered the bike set up at 6:27. We literally had 3 MINUTES to set our stuff up and LEAVE. Do you know how much stuff you have and the strategy behind your set up? If not set up right, your transition time is guaranteed to increase. Welp, we RAPIDLY set up, snapped a selfie, and bounced out of there. Read your packet!

2. Bring extra snacks for waiting time. I had some coffee and yogurt when I first woke up but that was around 5! Our age group didn't start until at least 7:15. Luckily my Dad found me a banana but my energy would have really tanked if not. Bring extra snacks for pre-race waiting!

3. Spend the money on a tri kit. Tri kit = the silly unitard looking outfit. I bought mine the day before on sale at the expo...SO glad I did.

4. Don't buy a swim cap for training if you don't need one. They give you one that you must wear on race day. Who needs two?

5. Use ear plugs and a nose plugger. MVP and my Dad didn't care for the nose plugs but I was SO happy I used one. I didn't get one drop of water in my head which meant I prevented dizziness and that annoying feeling of water in my ears. Totally worth the 5 bucks.

6. Don't panic about the swim! I was terrified of the open water...but once I got going, it wasn't scary at all. I swam about half of it on my back and still beat my goal time by a long shot. Swimming on my back allowed me to stay straight and keep a good pace. Do what works for you! You can make up time in the bike and run, if needed.

7. ENJOY every second. Sure, it's exhausting, but the vibe is so liberating and encouraging. Don't compare your speed, your bike, or your body to the other competitors. Everyone was rooting for everyone. It was so cool meeting new people and hearing all the stories! Such a healthy feeling!

8. Hydrate the day before. I love me some coconut water!

9. Triathlons require a lot more prep and supplies than any other race. Make sure you don't forget important things like socks or an energy bar. Every item is a enjoy it.

10. If I can do it, YOU can do it. I'm not a super-athlete nor do I have a super toned bod, HOWEVER, it was on my bucket list, so I did it. If you have any interest in one, DO IT! Don't wait...sign up now! Doing this with my Dad and husband was so incredible and emotional. I absolutely adore them and will treasure these memories forever.

Ps:'re HOTT!


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  1. Yay! Glad you're back. I hear you about the pressure to post, it can make me want to run away sometimes! haha. Also, triathlons are so much fun and I think agree about doing them more often (if only they weren't so much $$). It's so special you guys all did one together, what a great memory to cherish forever!