November 17, 2014

My new hobby!

It's official! 

We are now an oily family! 
(well the hubs is still convinced this is some voodoo magic but he'll come around!)

Long ago, when I first heard about oils, I had similar thoughts to MVP...voodoo. 
It wasn't until I started cleaning, drinking, and cooking with the lemon oil that I realized I had it all wrong. Why is is that we don't even think twice when grabbing the advil bottle for a headache or a claritin for allergies but we assume an oil is just silly? 

After much reading and research I've found these pretty little bottles within reach! I am SO happy to slowly start replacing my medicine! Not to mention the cleaning, cooking, and aromatic purposes. 

I've only had the kit for 6 hours and I've already been diffusing, using lavender in Ireland's bath, peace and calming on her feet for bedtime, purification around my ear because it's starting to ache with my cold, and lemon in my tea! 

I'm slightly obsessing over my new hobby. 
...and I love it!

Oh! I feel many people have asked or wondered why I'm not using doTerra oils. I think choosing the oil brand that works for you is a big decision! After much research, I personally felt Young Living was the better choice...for my family. I chose Young Living because they own all their own farms, are less expensive, incredible quality, have 20 plus years of experience, and I really love the community of users. 



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