November 16, 2014

Triggering my creative side

A common question lately is, "How do you like working?"

My answer is usually this: I love it...but...I do find it hard to balance it all. 

Isn't that a common response for moms?

Regardless if we are working, stay-at-home, or part-time life is difficult to balance. 

Exercise, healthy eating, work, wife, bathtime, and hobbies are simply put...challenging. 

I've been able to maintain most of those things...other than hobbies. 

Gosh, I miss writing SO much. 

The obligation of a blogger is usually to write frequently, authentic, and FULL posts. Lately I find it impossible to write frequently MOSTLY because I don't have the time to write FULL (whatever that is) posts. 

Long story short, I so appreciate the love even though my blog has seen brighter days.  

My dear friend, Jasmyn, is such a BRIGHT soul. Today, I tagged along her mini-sessions and acted as second shooter. She is teaching me the ropes...we work so well together! Sometimes I forget how much I thrive when I'm able to be creative. I'm not super all...but I sure do love when my artsy side is triggered. I really love learning and exercising a side that doesn't get enough attention. Thank you, Jasmyn, for the smiles and the energy're a gift to me!'s my comittments. I'm going to try, keyword try, to post much more often. I'm going to focus less on length, more on where my heart and life is. I'm just brainstorming...

I'm certainly NOT ready to retire my blog or stop writing. 
Nope. Not ready. 


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