December 22, 2014

DIY Sugar Scrub!

Ever since I've had my hands on my Young Living Essential Oils...I've been going bananas!

I even have my hubs asking to diffuse's AWESOME. 

My house smells A+ AND it's all natural. 

Christmas is in T-minus 3 days and I'm still creating goodies for family about fun!

But first...I created one for myself.

I'm totally jealous of people with glowing smooth sister-in-law is a great example of perfect skin! 

Well, after little pinterest-ing I created my OWN sugar scrub in minutes. 


Did you know Frankincense dates back to the biblical times? The Wise Men bestowed it on the new born Jesus...whoa. Listen closely to the Christmas Carol next time you hear it! also has crazy health benefits. Among many uses, for my scrub, I'm using it to tone and lift my skin. It's also great for acne, age spots, and wrinkles! Here's the deets!

Two tablespoons white sugar (or brown)
Two tablespoons coconut oil
5 drops Young Living Frankincense

5 drops Peace and Calming (I use before bed!)

Whip together in large bowl, scoop into mason jar, and label! 

Use a small bit and scrub that perty face of yours! 

You face is S-O-F-T! 

...and I hope to combat acne and developing wrinkles, too!

I'm looking forward to sharing my roller ball gifts that I'm giving for Christmas...I love giving USEFUL gifts (especially to the skeptics)! 


Ps: Can you tell I'm on winter break!? hehe...I have TIME!